Central Europe Theater

Central Europe Theater (CET) is a new generated theater for BMS. Work has started in Nov2014 and is progressing from that time on. The theater is a 1024x1024 size theater, so it has the same size as Korea. The main focus for the theater will be the 80s central europe. One of the reasons is that a lot of airbases have been closed or disappeared completely. The other reason for this theater, isn't this why the F-16 was build in the beginning?

This project has been started to be used as a test case for all the new features in MC. The progress for this theater is currently slow.

That is also the answer to the question... where can I download this theater? CET has not been released for download as it is not at release quality yet. But it will be released as soon as it is good to go.

In the mean time it is nice to know that work on CET is being done. And you can already have a look at the map of the theater.

Map status 02Dec2015