About Mission Commander

This is a tool for those persons that build campaigns or want to edit TEs (Tactical Engagements).
You will not be able to create TEs from scratch, missions still need to be made in BMS itself.
However, with MC you can do some tricks that you can not do in the Falcon UI.
Remember that this is just a beta and use it at your own risk.
It might be smart to make a backup of the mission that you work with.

Download it here.



  • Change your flights callsign.
  • Change the type of aircraft.,
  • Change the amount of aircraft in a flight.
  • Change the fuel the aircraft has in its tanks.
  • Move your flight to another package.
  • Set all locks for time or speed with one click.


  • Delete flights from the package.


  • Change the squadron name.
  • Change the squadron patch.
  • Move a squadron to a different base.
  • Change the amount of aircraft in a squadron.


  • Change the battalion name.
  • Choose which vehicle is alive.


  • Change the Taskforce name.
  • Choose which ship is alive.
  • Add/delete STPT for the ships. Place the STPTs on the map.


  • Set the status of a building. You can set a building Damaged, Destroyed, Repaired or No Damage.
  • For runways, craters are added if you set a runway Damaged or Destroyed.

These are just some highlights and there are some more goodies in the software. As this is still in development, there is also a lot more to come.