Download Weapon Delivery Planner, Mission Commander, Weather Commander and AIC software

Weapon Delivery Planner

Weapon Delivery Planner 3.7.24 build 232

(13 Feb 2023)

More information about WDP in the About WDP Section.
Latest improvements are listed on the Newspage

Mission Commander

Mission Commander 0.5.29 build 763

(01 Jun 2023)

More information about MC in the About MC Section.

Weather Commander

Weather Commander

(20 May 2022)

More information about WeatherCommander in the About WC Section.

Set HUD only

Set HUD only

(14 Okt 2021)

More information about Set HUD only in the About Set HUD Only Section.

Aircore & Interface Controller software

AIC version 6.8.17

(21 Feb 2023)

Latest AIC software is for BMS4.37, FS and X-Plane. It will run gauges, lights, DED etc. for your cockpit. See AIC page for more information.
For a list of the latest changes look at Newspage

WDP manuals and articles

Mission planning with WDP (article)

(8 August 2011)

An article on the basics of mission planning with WDP. This will give you a good insight how Weapon Delivery Planner can help you plan your missions in Falcon BMS.

Working with the DTC in Falcon BMS (article)

(8 August 2011)

Short reading working with the DTC in falcon BMS. What can you do with the DTC in Falcon BMS? This article will give you a good start.

Manual WDP version 2.0

(older version)

Read the manual for better understanding how to work with WDP.



(8 August 2011)

This mission is used in the articles you find above. You can download it here for practice. Its also fun to fly!

Other downloads

X-keys memory resident mode

(8 August 2011)

A rar file with all the files you need to operate your X-keys in memory Resident Mode.